Vintage sweethearts

Want a heartwarming love story to watch with your sweetheart, best friend, sister or your single self? Valentine’s Day has us thinking about the famed love stories of the films that have warmed our little hearts. It’s difficult to choose a mere handful, but these are some of our vintage favourites! Films we can watch time and time again!

Annie Hall

My very own writer’s crush Woody Allen creates unimaginably beautiful characters. When fresh-faced Dianne Keaton plays the eccentric Annie Hall we get a glimpse into an unconventional tale of boy-meets-girl in NYC.


Funny Face

Consider these key words: Paris, Audrey, Fred, Gershwin, dancing, fashion magazines. What’s not to fall in love with?

Sixteen Candles

This quintessential 80’s teen movie stars (who else? but) Molly Ringwald, in her defining role as Samantha Baker. Poor Sam learns about love the hard way.


When Harry Met Sally

In one of the least corny Meg Ryan films out there, When Harry Met Sally is the story of opposites attracting and features that famous restaurant scene.

When Harry Met Sally

Lady and the Tramp

Italy, spaghetti, and puppy love: what could be more adorable? Throw in an accordion and some romantic moonlight and you’ve got yourself one of the most endearing love stories of all time.



What are your favourite vintage love stories in films?


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