What Marcia Wore

After a wonderfully colourful spring evening spent celebrating Ra Ra's Summer Launch Party last Friday night, I am feeling especially enthusiastic about the impending summer holidays.

At this time of year, as we Brisbanites torpedo head-first into summer, it’s time to pack away the woollies, bare our legs, buckle our favourite sandals and above all, embrace the brights.

Everyone’s (well, maybe not Jan’s) favourite fashionista-Brady-sister can be thanked for many trends and snappy summer outfits still modelled today. Her choice of collars, her use of down-right groovy patterns, her fondness for bright colours, and her love of the A-line-skirt-with-knee-socks combo, have been envied by many for decades – not to mention those glorious, golden locks!

Summers of the 70s called for crisp, white collars under any given pattern. Jan tries her hand at checks (and admittedly looks pretty darn adorable) and for Marcia, a glorious 70s floral print. Aren't 70s prints the sweetest?

Summer is the time to soak up the sunshine in a glorious 70s-inspired sundress, loosen the locks (are you listening Cindy?), and of course, book a trip to Hawaii (Brady style). And with a family as superbly dressed as this, who could stay indoors? "I think I'll go for a walk outside now"...

Channel your inner-Marcia Brady; favour the lime greens, purples, loud floral prints, a middle part, flowing locks, and most importantly, the mini!

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