What will you do in 2013?

Happy new year, Ra Ra Readers!

How did you spend your last evening of 2012?

I spent mine camping with a bunch of friends, swimming in caves, sipping sangria, and dancing like a jungle child. Bliss!


Whenever a new year approaches, we all seem to reassess our dreams, make little lists of the things we want to achieve before the next, and feel nostalgia for the year that has passed.

My 2012 was a big one, I moved home from Japan, knocked off a year of a master’s degree, completed an internship, and got married to a total dreamboat.


It was a big, busy year and I hope this one will be a little more focussed on the down time.... These are my hopes for 2013. I’d love to know yours!

Improve my Spanish

Living in Japan pushed my other languages further into the depths of my brain, so I think it’s time to polish my Spanish language skills again. Who's with me?

Plan to do some more travel

I’m yet to explore South America and a visit there would be a wonderful motivation for that Spanish study.

Los Angeles Lifestyle Photography from the 1970s by Gusmano Cesaretti (1)

Play guitar more often

I’m one of those annoying people who struggle to sit still. Whenever I have free time, I usually end up cleaning or doing something I would consider productive. This year I need to keep my guitar displayed outside of its case and pick it up more often.

Greta Garbo

Spend more time outside

When I came back to Australia, I promised I would appreciate our beaches, rainforests and parks each weekend. Of course, when you work weekends these kind of promises are hard to keep, but I hope to spend days off in 2013 exploring new walks, cycling tracks, and picnic spots. My bike ("Skydancer") got some new accessories for Christmas, I hope to test them out this weekend.


Get back into meditation

Another symptom of being restless is finding little time to space out and meditate. It’s such a beneficial thing to do, and I hope to make time for those moments of mediation this year.

See more live music

I plan to start my musical goal this month with Weezer, Band of Horses, Animal Collective, Vampire Weekend and more of my favourites in town. I can’t wait!

Read more non-uni books

This one may be tricky since I’m about to embark on a literature-related dissertation and editing work on the side, but I will make it my mission to read something fun at every possible opportunity. Any recommendations, dears?


Be a better cook

Practice makes perfect and I hope to scrub up on my minimal cooking skills in this new year!

Of course, there are many more things I hope to accomplish this year, but this is my concise list of wishes. What are your hopes for 2013, Ra Ra Readers?

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