Winter Trend: Badges

What's with the cold weather ladies? Wasn't expecting this till at least June, but it does give us all an excuse to bring out the knits, scarves and boots! I've got a couple of jumpers that I've been wearing out the past couple of days, but it's kinda hard to dress them up - sure you can throw on a statement necklace, but it's so been-there-done-that.

Last year I bought a designer badge online, and it has made a permanent home on my staple black cable-knit jumper. I am now badge obsessed - its a great way to jazz up your winter woolies without going 'over-the-top'. Check out these cute badges - even make one yourself!



To make your own badge:

1. If you have any cool buttons or random trinkets lying around use them, otherwise head to spotlight or any vintage stores or op-shops

2. Then it's just as simple as grabbing a hot glue gun or superglue and glueing a safety pin to your cool little piece! Voila, you have a badge - really you can turn anything into one if you want to!




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