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Glass Jar Fave DIY's March 29 2017, 0 Comments

It can take up to one million years for a glass jar to break down in landfill. Shocking huh?


Lucky we know a thing or two about upcycling, you can do it with just about anything! This time, we've gone the extra mile for you and put together our fave 8 quick and easy (and cute) ways to save those old (el) paso jars..... 


1. the one everyone see's and put on the list of to-do's. it's uber simple and you just need some funky coloured paints and pretty garden flowers (real or fake- it works)


2. when did you ever think your little brothers animal figurines would come in handy? just add gold paint. 


3. we love fairy lights!! save those empty beer, wine and spirits bottles and stuff them in there! if you wanna make it cooler we suggest this cactus addition


4. yes yes yes, how did we not think sooner to do this? 


5. you absolutely need some succulents and this is the most fun little way to love them


6. glitter!! jar!! nightlights!!! a super pretty way to pretty up your room... we're never too old for a nightlight. if someone asks, it's for decoration. 


7. if you're hosting a party, or really just want an instagrammable backyard 24/7 this is for you. free windchimes!!


8. we think we saved the best and most functional for last. pineapple!!!!!! plant!!! holders!! no more spiking your hand with them prickly little guys.

There we have it, no more excuses for throwing out them jars, upcycling is fun.

Join the club. 


RARA How To : Crop Ya Top March 15 2017, 0 Comments

RARA How To : Glitter Ya Glasses March 15 2017, 0 Comments

DIY Door Decoupage September 27 2016, 0 Comments






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DIY Shabby Sheets Into Cute Clothes - Elastic Waist Shorts January 23 2016, 0 Comments

In keeping with our New Years Resolution to Fix & Reuse, we got a bit crafty and opted to turn our old sheets into something new and adorable instead of just throwing them away!

Have you got old sheets with a coffee stain on them that you feel like you can't use anymore? (I do, I spill a lot of coffee) Or even just old ones that you never use because they've been replaced with something else? This little tutorial might be for you then! Don't throw them away and contribute to land fills, make something fabulous and feel good about it!


If you have basic sewing skills, then elastic waist shorts are easy to whip up! Or even if you don't, they are a good thing to start off and experiment with.  

You can sometimes find free patterns for these online (places like Pinterest) or if you spend enough time sifting through patterns at vintage and second hand places, but if you can't manage to find any, there is an easy way around it. 

1. Take a pair of shorts that fit you and fold them in half along the seem down the middle, and place them on top some rolled out baking paper (you'll probably have to tape two strips of paper together so you have enough space) and trace around them, leaving hemming space at the bottom and top, and adding extra width and squaring out the side. Like in the pictures below.


2. Cut out your pattern. You will need to cute out four pieces of fabric in the shape, and if your sheets only have a pattern on one side you will have to make sure to flip your patter piece so its reversed for two of the pieces (Two should have side A facing upwards and two with side B, as shown in the pictures). 


 3. Lay out the two halves of the shorts with the two good sides of the fabrics facing inwards (touching), and head to your machine! First sew the along the green line (shown in the image below) then take your two halves and match them up so their yellow lines are together and sew along there. Finally, with your shorts still in side out and nearly complete, sew along the red edges to make the crotch and then give the legs a hem.

4. Now just measure out enough elastic for your waist and fasten it into a circle. With the pants still inside out, fold the waist down around the elastic and sew it down.  


Have fun crafting!

Love Ra Ra Superstar

DIY Decorated Succulent Jars January 13 2016, 0 Comments

Have fun crafting!

Love Ra Ra Superstar

Easy D.I.Y. Pillow Case Bag January 08 2016, 0 Comments

 Here's a little peak at some of the other one's we made!

Have fun crafting!
Love Ra Ra Superstar

DIY - Grass Letter Sign May 05 2015, 0 Comments

Those of you who have been into our store in Paddington, or even just seen a picture of it now and again, will know that we operate mostly outside; we love to embrace nature! Nature is, however, not always so kind. We have had some pretty bogus weather around the country the last few weeks (it basically snowed in Sydney?!) and Brisbane has not been left out, receiving crazy wind and rain that ended in flooding last week. Oh yeah, and remember when it hailed and broke like every one's roofs? (Well it broke mine anyway). We've had a lot of branches to clear and gazebo's to bid farewell to, but in last week's weather drama we lost a Ra Ra staple, our alley way sign! 
So today I am making a new one which will hopefully survive, and I am going to show you how!
  • Some old astro turf
  • Good scissors that will cut astro turf (it is not easy, aha)
  • A Stanley knife that will also cut astro turf
  • Some weld bond glue
I was lucky enough to have a few old letters left just for a size guide, but if you aren't working with restricted background space then you can go as big or as small as you'd like with them.
The most annoying and difficult part was having to cut out the little empty space sections of the letters, this is where a Stanley knife comes very much in handy!
I glued the letters down with even spacing and left the sign down in our craft shed over night so it had a chance to dry properly. Then this morning it was ready to go o show!
Here's how my sign turned out:
I'm pretty chuffed with the result and am planning on trying out some more lettering DIY's soon. It's pretty easy to make letters out of old cardboard, felt, wire or other materials you may have laying about, and when it comes to decorating just use your imagination. Wrapping them with wool, painting, decoupaging with old books magazines, wallpaper or fabric would look pretty cool. So why not plan a little bit of craftiness this weekend & create your own masterpiece. 

Here are some inspo pics to get your creative juices flowing :

RA RA Introduces: The Craft Corner February 14 2015, 0 Comments

Have you always wanted to /learn/ to sew in a super sweet fun vintage cool creative environment where inspiration is everywhere you look?

Now you can. With us.


This month we're introducing The Craft Corner. Here, you can book a time, do a lil bit of shopping, bring an item(s) that need an alteration / upgrade, rent a machine, sew, learn to sew, do some light reading, pick up some fabric and start fresh with a new pattern all for the small price of $10 for 30 minutes or $15 for the hour. (Obviously you will have to pay a wee bit more if buying fabric)

It's all the rage.
This idea come from the "shared spaces" concept we've noticed popping up all around the globe. With shared spaces, you can co-work with creatives from an industry which intern creates a platform for you business and providing an opportunity for collaboration. 

We've done up a list of a few local and international faves you should check out.

DIYs for Days | Fruity Headbands November 19 2014, 0 Comments

Missed out on your 'two fruit a day' quota? Never fear! In today's DIY, we're serving up some watermelon AND pineapple. Unfortunately (and fortunately), they're only for your pretty head, so maybe you should still reach for that apple and read on. 


The Watermelon Headband


What You'll Need

Step One

Wind the green fabric around your headband, securing it down with hot glue as you go. 

Step Two

Take your watermelon ornament and attach it to the headband. Our watermelon was quite the napkin holder once upon a time; this made the fitting process a whole lot more convenient.

Step Three

Did you spot those two sneaky sequins in the picture above? In this step, we're going to stick on more sequins to emphasise the painted watermelon seeds.


And you're done with our first DIY! Who doesn't love a slice of wearable watermelon?

The Pineapple Headband

For this DIY, you'll need to take the same materials as before (bar the sequins and the watermelon ornament), and attach your pineapple ornament to the headband. Again, our pineapple was once a napkin holder, so we threaded the green fabric through the hole and presto! Pineapple paradise!


This post wraps up our headband DIY segment! We have many more DIY projects coming up, so keep your eyes peeled and your creative minds imagining. 

If any of you lovelies have made your own headbands, please let us know! Upload your pictures to Instagram and tag us (@rarasuperstar) so we can celebrate unique accessories together.  

Stay sweet superstars!
Ra Ra xx

DIYs for Days | Ice Cream Headbands November 05 2014, 0 Comments


We have a super sweet Ice Cream Headband DIY for you superstars in today's post! Yes, you read that right; a two-scooped frozen dessert that can be worn on your noggin'. If you'd like to see how it's done, then just follow our easy steps below!


What You'll Need:

Step One

Take the ribbon and stick it around a headband with hot glue.



Step Two

Roll your paper into a small cone, and then glue on the gingham fabric. This creates a retro waffle-cone look!

Step Three

Choose two pom poms and glue them into your cone. Ensure they're secure as you don't want to lose your scoops!

Step Four (optional)

Finish off this dessert by gluing on a faux strawberry to the top pom pom scoop. 

Step Five (optional)

To create a melted effect, glue on a tasseled ribbon around the top of the cone. 

Step Six

Now you can glue your delicious ice cream cone onto your headband at a slight angle. And voila! You now have an accessory that looks good enough to eat!


We hope you loved this project! Make sure to be super creative with your ice cream headbands. We have a few more headband DIYs coming up, so keep an eye out.

Big love, 
Ra Ra xx


Blog post by Renee (@scriptlantern,

DIY - Make your own ice cream print October 20 2014, 0 Comments

Here at Ra Ra we love to get our hands crafty & experiment with fun new ways of embellishing fabric & our designs. Our new season SS 14/ 15 "POP TOP" collection is all about ice creams, so we decided to make our own ice cream scoop printed fabric. 

As we didn't have lots of expensive equipment or a huge budget we decided to use potato block printing, which is super cheap and super easy. You can literally print on any fabric, from old tee shirts, table cloths, pillow cases, cushion covers or even your couch. 

All you need is a bit of practice & your print can look pretty professional (in a cool handmade sort of way). Stay tuned for more Ra Ra printing projects soon.


Sunday Night DIY - Chicken Wire Frames May 18 2014, 0 Comments

Feeling creative? Crafty? Maybe even handy? Here at RaRa Superstar we have been sprucing up the store with artsy DIY's for you to enjoy and replicate. Sunday nights are the perfect planners for the week ahead, and what better night to design a rewarding DIY that’s personalized and useful.
This super easy jewellery holder not only looks great and takes little time to make but dose its job in effectively displaying all of your bits and bobs. Even if your previous DIY attempts have somewhat fallen through (Pinterest fails). I guarantee this is as simple as following three easy steps and all you will need it a old picture frame, a small amount of chicken wire, some pliers, glue and nails (staple guns work pretty niftily too).

Step 1 

Decide on a cute frame you wish to have hanging on your wall, this is where Op shops come in handy! Or check the streets in your area for hard rubbish as people always throw out old frames. Then if needed remove everything from the frame (glass, backing, picture, etc) except well, the frame. Clean with a scourer and some soapy water, sand lightly and paint your desired colour.

Step 2  

Lay out your chicken wire on the back side of your frame and nail (or staple) it in place. We used taks and a hammer, but probably easier to use a staple gum. Here's a hint, stretch the wire tight as you go to avoid sag.

Step 3

Trim the wire with wire cutters neatly and voila......
*Drum Roll*
Finished Product
This frame can be used for much more then a creative jewellery stand, try adding pictures, notes, pretty plants and even food! Here are some cute inspo pics to get you inspired :
Happy crafting, 
Lots of Love RaRa xxx

Why don't you make a mini herb garden? June 15 2013, 0 Comments

There's something delightful about pottering in your garden, hands full of dirt, planting new seedlings, watering and the smell in the air. Since living back in Australia and being settled the idea of a herb garden makes me smile from ear to ear.


Green thumbs and herb lovers pay attention because I have a great little herb garden idea for you. Milk containers are perfect for potting herbs and with the handle are easy to hang.

All you need is:

  • Plastic milk containers (2L with the handles)
  • Potting mix
  • Herbs (either from seeds or seedlings)
  • Stanley knife
  • Pencil
  • Water
  • Sunshine

Using your pencil mark out an area on the milk container. Cut out the marked area with your stanley knife. (Do be careful as stanley knives are sharp).

Fill with potting mix and plant your seeds or seedlings. Using the handle of the milk container you can hang on hooks in your garden to take advantage of the sunlilght!

Know all you need is some sunshine and patience while your recycled herb gardens flourish into beautiful plants.


After doing some planting myself I started pondering some other herb garden ideas and ways to display your little gardens.

Wooden pallets are a great resource to recycle. You can create vertical herb gardens and lean them against your house wall...


What about old paint tins. You can even use up the left over paint to brighten them up...

You can recycle glass jars and plant your little herbs in these too! Simply wash your jars out after cooking a delicious pasta then fill with potting mix and seeds. You could even sit them on your window sill in a cute row.


These are great gift ideas for your family and friends too!

So go on find some quirky cool containers, reuse and recycle, and get your hands dirty creating your own mini herb gardens.






Magazine Lover - Reuse Your Magazines DIY Ideas June 01 2013, 0 Comments

Are you a magazine lover? Do you keep your magazines in pristine condition without dog-eared pages and torn out articles? Do you flick through your new issue a few times quickly then begin methodically reading page by page soaking up all the crafty, foody, design, fashion goodness? Well you sound just like me.

I love magazines. There is something fabulous about walking in to a Newsagency and spotting your fav mags.  Sitting pretty on shelves,  ready and waiting to be collected. To be read from cover to cover while enjoying a morning cup of tea or an evening glass of wine. I even tend to carry my new issue with me as I move from room to room in the house. I marvel at the cover scoping out the features of the magazine, then I flick from the back to the front and then from front to back. I then turn the pages slower savouring the delightful new articles and glossy pages. Now, I am ready to begin reading. And read I do. Intent and focused this is a time that takes me away and allows me to relax, unwind and enjoy some 'me' time.

Have you noticed how quickly you accumulate magazines? I generally buy and read three a month and over the course of years these can build up significantly. I admit though I did have a massive cull when I returned from travelling overseas. I even went through all my magazines and tore out my favourite pages to build an inspiration folder and this has brought my magazine collection down enormously.

If you are a hoarder of beautiful magazines like me are you sometimes, or always at a loose end of where to store them all? Well read on, because I've scoured the net to bring you the best DIY ideas  turn your favourite magazines into practical items and pretty interior displays:

Create a little love seat or bedside table -

Pile all the same magazines together with an old leather belt and make a unique bedside table. Add a cushion you to make a lovely little seat. Or put a tray table over your stash for a quick and cute bedside table. I love the way the spines are all bright and colourful.

Display an art wall -

Why not pull your fave images and collage a wall? This can be easily updated according to your mood so keep changing it up. You could even do a walk in closet or the inside of your cupboard door for an element of surprise.


Make a one of a kind desk -

Simply stack all your magazines together and add a table top (the glass ones from ikea are perfect) or an old door from a salvage yard would also do the trick. Looks fun & so stylish!

Återanvänd 0002

Make a cutout quote - 

Another fun idea is pick out a favourite quote and use the pages of your magazines to cutout letters to write whatever you want then add to a wall, suitcase, mirror... whatever  your heart desires.


Write Into Vintage May 22 2013, 0 Comments

This is my face every time I receive a handwritten letter:


I don’t even have to know what’s inside the envelope. Seeing my name scrawled across the paper in an unfamiliar, looping cursive catapults my mind into imaginings of a star crossed lover, an inheritance from a Great Aunt I never knew I had or the lost confession of Audrey Hepburn admitting that I am her illegitimate child (sorry Mum).


I suppose that over the generations, letter writing has become a lost art. The appreciation that someone took the time to consider what they wanted to say, rather than simply typing out their immediate thoughts and pressing send, is too often forgotten.

MMJ_HandwrittenLettersYou see, writing requires effort. Not only do you need to capture the words you want to convey, or choose the perfect piece of paper - you also have to find an ideal writing spot to settle down into for hours on end.


Then, after all the time and effort that goes into channeling your head chatter and packaging it up, you have a physical representation of your emotions you now need to deal with. Do you or don’t you send it? Hmmm… decisions, decisions!


And yet, some of the most thrilling moments in my life have been the dropping of a small, but often thick, rectangle package of feelings into a post box and walking away not knowing what will become of it. This somewhat underappreciated, old-school form of communication seems to carry with it something more than what the stamp is entitled to send.


By writing a letter, you can capture a little of our lost innocence in the inky words. It somehow seems more pure to pour your heart out into an envelope and embrace the sacred time between now and when your message is delivered than typing into a machine that buzzes with a reply almost  instantly.


Above all else though, is this – when you sit down and pick up a pen, you are about to send another person the most powerful form of magic in our lives – someone, somewhere, at some point in time, was thinking about you. And that sentiment will never grow old.

Brighten up your Bedroom! April 12 2013, 0 Comments

One of my new year's resolutions was to treat my bedroom like a sanctuary, and unlike most resolutions, I have actually kept this one! However, I'm feeling rather bored with my bedroom set up at the moment. Instead of going to the trouble of moving around all my furniture, I thought I'd give some tips on how to brighten up your bedroom. Here we go!

1. Fairy Lights - they make everything instantly more beautiful. Hang them around your bed frame, mirror or closet and turn them on before bedtime for some relaxation.

collage lights

2. Make a Collage - photos, old postcards or posters from your childhood - it personalises your room. I have one near my desk/working area with Woodford posters, cards picked up from overseas and photos from high school

collage desk

3. DIY Garland - combine your fairy lights with a pretty pom pom, flower or tissue garland to add some femininity to your bedroom.

collage tassel

4. Flowers - now real flowers are a hassle and don't last long - gather some old jam jars or bottles (cleaned and de-labelled) and some fake flowers from Spotlight and bunch some together to put around your room - bring nature and life into your sanctuary!


5. Candles - a classic, I always have at least one scented candle burning in my room - my favourite is coconut-lime as I can pretend I'm somewhere tropical for a bit.



Protein Rich March 24 2013, 0 Comments

As the leftover Christmas hams sat in the reduced section of the supermarket, around the corner were the hot cross buns. Yes, it was January, and already some crafty ladies had packed up their Christmas gift ideas and were getting down to Easter craft.

But for me to actually do all the egg re-purposing activities I've found lately I'd have to start downing 3 raw eggs for breakfast, a few hard-boiled for lunch and dinner and invest in a few chickens for when the shops aren't open to top up the supply.

Save your egg shells! Eat more eggs!


....I did one which I find is pretty sustainable but here's some more I didn't do, but you probably should because someone took the time to do it, take photos, write about it, and put it on the internet, for you.


Egg Shell Planters

 IMGP6576 IMGP6583


Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

(Click Images for the link)


Tea Eggs

Tea eggs

And of course old-fashioned childhood fun...


Marbled Eggs


Glitter Easter Eggs March 23 2013, 0 Comments

Easter is fast approaching ladies! I wanted to create more a festive mood this year, and upon browsing Pinterest I found these adorable easter egg decorations that will brighten up your Easter Sunday! Traditionally, these eggs, if cracked over your head, are supposed to bring good luck - so set them up as a sort of 'easter bonbon' and have fun!

What you'll need:

collage supplies

Eggs (however many you would like, I'm just doing 3 today)


Paint brushes (various sizes)


Tissue paper

Glue (paste or hot glue gun is best)




1. Using your sewing pin, poke a single, small hole at the top an egg.
2. Open up a larger hole at the bottom of the larger part of an egg.

collage egg1

3. Use the pin (or a toothpick) to scramble the egg inside, breaking the membrane of the yolk.
4. Let the egg drain out of the larger hole into a bowl, rinsing out the egg using the tap, as you go.

5. Allow to dry by air, or gently use tissue to dry the outside.
6. You can either dye your eggs, or paint them individually like I am today - pick a colour scheme and create some different patterns to give your decorations some variety.


7. Fill the egg with glitter/confetti (or whatever you decide to put inside). Use a funnel if needed.
8. Cut a piece of tissue paper slightly larger in size than the egg’s hole. Glue the paper to the edges of the hole (I found the glue gun works best).

9. And you're done! Set them up around the house as decorations or in an easter egg hunt - surprise!


How to - Watermelon nails March 06 2013, 0 Comments


Nail art is something that I am obsessed with, decorating your nails can be loads of fun

It doesn't have to take that long and if you use a good top-coat, you can wear your Artwork around for a while.

My go-to nail art is watermelons

They are colourful enough to work with most outfits and quick enough do do that you can pop on an episode of How I Met Your Mother and be done by the time it's over.

What you'll need:

Thin nail brushes (you can substitute with small paint brushes)

Two shades of pink nail polish, one bright and the other more of a pastel tone as well as blue, pale green, white and black polish

Also a top coat to keep your nails looking fresh

To start you paint the majority of your nails bright pink with a single coat, leaving just a little bit on the side

Don't worry if it's messy, you can fix it up pretty easily later

Once you've done that, use the blue nail polish and a small brush to draw a few lines in the blank part

Using the white, outline the pink area and draw a few line over and in between the blue, this will create texture

Using a green, paint a thin-coat over the blue but leave the white line.

Avoid using a thick polish for the green as it will cover the blue and white uderneath and look less like watermelon
Next draw in seeds. I go for 3, because my nails are pretty short but if your's are longer, you can fit in more

Once the seeds are in, add some yellow for colour and then tidy up the edges with the pale pink. Using the other pink to draw a few stripes in between the seeds will bring out the other colours

A top coat and you're done... just in time to not find out who the mother of Ted's kids is



DIY flower bicycle basket February 26 2013, 0 Comments

There is so much fun to be had riding a bicycle. The wind in your hair as you cruise down a hill and the places you can go adventuring with nothing but bipedal locomotion. Freedom and fun all with a frame and a couple of wheels.


There are so many different styles of bicycles and colours to choose from. Oh, how to choose? Just when you think your have it covered, what about a basket? I have a white cruiser style bicycle and it is great but it wasn't until my Mum gave me a large wicker basket for it that it became fabulous. A morning ride to the shops means you can carry your milk, bread and paper back home; a trip to the beach is easy, just pop your towel, sunscreen and water bottle in the basket and pedal to the ocean; even visiting a friend for a cup of tea is easy, simply put your flowers and scones in the basket and off you pedal.


Now there are lots of pretty baskets available so it is a matter of your taste! I have been feeling inspired with all of the pretty floral patterns I have come across lately and have decorated my wicker basket into a floral heaven with which to carry my goodies. It is so simple and easy to do.

All you need is a selection of different plastic flowers (you can find these at your local bargain store), a hot glue gun and glue, scissors and a bit of creativity.


Turn your hot glue gun on and wait for it to heat up. You need to be super careful as the glue gun gets extremely hot. While your glue gun is heating up pull your flowers off their stems and get them ready to glue on.


Work with one flower at a time as the glue will start to set quite quickly. Put a good dollop of glue on to the base of the flower and then attach where you would like it on your basket. Hold for a few seconds and then keep working.




Arrange your flowers how you fancy and watch a gorgeous bouquet come to life.

basketfinishedIf Flowers aren't your 'thing' how about a prettily lined wire basket, pom pom embellished or knitted version?




Now hope on your bicycle and go for a pedal enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on your face...