The Sketchbook Project

At the beginning of this year I took part in The Sketchbook Project, a worldwide art initiative organized by the Art House Co-Op based in Brooklyn, New York. The Art House Co-Op are a passionate bunch of arty types that are dedicated to organizing year-round global art projects that encourage exchange between artists, and the development of new ideas. One of their most popular projects is The Sketchbook Project, whereby participants register online, purchase a sketchbook off the Art House Co-op website, and fill it up with their latest and greatest ideas.

Once finished, the sketchbooks are sent back to Brooklyn to be catalogued in the Brooklyn Art Library, and sent on a worldwide tour. The project has attracted thousands of participants worldwide.

This year I completed a sketchbook with the theme “the companion book”. After having completed the 32 page booklet, I realised how useful the project was as a method to get the ideas and images that had been locked up in my head out onto paper, to test and trial illustrations for further collections of work. When I studied  design  I learnt that the creative process becomes much easier if any feelings of judgement or anxiety about the quality of the work are removed. The sketchbook project  allowed me to loosen up a bit and just create. Despite the initial apprehension about how good the final work would be, I felt happy with the end result, as I found I had produced some great initial material for future illustrations.

Some of these sketches are featured below:


You too can get involved in the Sketchbook project. It’s a great opportunity to trial out new ideas, view other artists and designer’s creative process, and get your little collection of works jetsetting around the world.  


The 2013 sketchbook project is now open. Visit to register and purchase your sketchbook.

The 2013 project is not limited to those who take a fancy to illustration. categories include narrative, photo journal, atlas and memoir. If you are a creative, there will be a category suited just for you!

You can also see the travelling exhibition at Melbourne’s NGV Studio. It will be in town from November 10-21 2012.


Happy Sketching! x

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