Papercraft Heaven: Doily Bunting


Hi Ra Ra Readers!

Today we are giving you a little how-to for creating your very own super cute, paper doily bunting! Best of all they can be as simple or as fancy as you wish. You can easily use extra paper doilies you have stashed away at home, or perhaps you could find something extra fabulous for a special occasion (or maybe just because!).


I have used hot pink decorative tape, and pink polka dot doilies, however mint green masking tape, yes the inexpensive one from the general store, looks just as gorgeous. (Especially when paired with pink doilies, So adorable!)

So here are your 5, super simple, easy to follow instructions..


1. cut your doilies down the middle with scissors.

2.unroll about 30cm of the tape, and lay flat against the tabletop. Attach your doilies to the lower half of the tape.

3. attach the doilies at even intervals along the 30 cm of tape.

4. fold the top half of the tape over to encase the edge of the doily.

5. unravel another 30cm length of tape, and continue steps -1-4, until you have the desired length of bunting. Cut off with scissors when finished. Attach to your wall or windows with blu-tac or tape.

I have used them to add a bit of extra sass to my kitchen, as you can see below.

So there you have it! Your very own fantastic paper-crafted bunting. These cuties are perfect for last-minute decorations for your next party, afternoon tea, or even to give that handmade touch to your wedding!


Happy crafting! Xx

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