Things to put plants in other than pots. July 17 2012, 0 Comments

I'm a big supporter of the theory that if nothing matches, then everything matches. I think this theory is just as relevant in the garden as it is in your home. So why would you want to put all your plants in pots when you can jazz them up in much more interesting ways. You have to know a little bit about gardening to know which plants will work where, but all it really takes is a quick read of the tag on the plant at the nursery and you'll be good to go. For example, lots of flowers need to be kept in the shade, but there are some more robust varieties that can survive in direct sunlight.

Drainage is another issue you'll face when planting your plants in things other than pots. But that's another easily solved issue. You can either line your item or punch holes in the bottom, depending on what it is. So let's have a look at some fun items to plant your plants in.

Suitcases: the photo above is a little project my friend Alison put together. How amazing is this vintage suitcase as a planter?! Suitcases would be perfect for growing different herbs and flowers in and would look wonderful on a patio or in a smaller garden space.

Books! Succulents are probably your best bet to plant in books because they require so little water, so there's less chance of ruining the pages. All you need for this little project is a good vintage book (hardcover), cling wrap, some kind of sealer (I would recommend Modge Podge because it's an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish) and a good Stanley knife.

Draw a rectangle on the top of the book roughly the size you want the hole to be. Then hollow it out with the knife and seal the entire inside. Line with cling wrap and you're good to go. A little potting mix, a pretty succulent and it's the world's easiest DIY project. Seriously, I told you I am rubbish at this stuff, so it's all super simple.

Teapots and teacups. If you're like me, you have an excess of tea sets at home and therefore are already equipped with the perfect planter. Teapots have a little more depth and so you can get away with potting some pretty colour. They look super cute lining a windowsill in the kitchen or as a centrepiece on your dining table. No DIY steps needed, just fill them with potting mix and get planting.

Old recycled bottles. I love a good terrarium. They remind me of school science projects that required you to sprout seeds in a plastic cup, but way prettier. Choose a leafy, moisture-loving houseplant for inside your terrarium because all the leaves add different shapes and make it look great. I have not mastered the art of using multiple plants, but that looks fantastic too, like a little jungle in a bottle. Try a small fern, some moss or dracaena. Pop your terrarium in a brightly lit spot inside and it will only need the very occasional water. Try watering with a water spray bottle so the water doesn't build up on the sides.

Wine barrels are practically pots, but they just look way prettier. They give your yard a French Provincial feel and make it perfectly acceptable to enjoy a nice afternoon Sav Blanc in the garden, right?

Have you used anything random to put your plants in? Let us know.

(first pic by Alison Chan)