How to - Watermelon nails


Nail art is something that I am obsessed with, decorating your nails can be loads of fun

It doesn't have to take that long and if you use a good top-coat, you can wear your Artwork around for a while.

My go-to nail art is watermelons

They are colourful enough to work with most outfits and quick enough do do that you can pop on an episode of How I Met Your Mother and be done by the time it's over.

What you'll need:

Thin nail brushes (you can substitute with small paint brushes)

Two shades of pink nail polish, one bright and the other more of a pastel tone as well as blue, pale green, white and black polish

Also a top coat to keep your nails looking fresh

To start you paint the majority of your nails bright pink with a single coat, leaving just a little bit on the side

Don't worry if it's messy, you can fix it up pretty easily later

Once you've done that, use the blue nail polish and a small brush to draw a few lines in the blank part

Using the white, outline the pink area and draw a few line over and in between the blue, this will create texture

Using a green, paint a thin-coat over the blue but leave the white line.

Avoid using a thick polish for the green as it will cover the blue and white uderneath and look less like watermelon
Next draw in seeds. I go for 3, because my nails are pretty short but if your's are longer, you can fit in more

Once the seeds are in, add some yellow for colour and then tidy up the edges with the pale pink. Using the other pink to draw a few stripes in between the seeds will bring out the other colours

A top coat and you're done... just in time to not find out who the mother of Ted's kids is



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