Hi and Welcome and Apple Pie and Custard, of course!

Hi! Welcome! Have we met yet? Probably not. I’ll introduce myself, shall I? My name is Jo. I’ll be your guide to all things food and beverage and fun and entertainment and vintage and fabulous for the next few minutes or so and every Wednesday evening, if you’d like to visit again. Should you care to join me, each Wednesday, I’m going to suggest a task, something I may have done that is so great I suggest you do it too, or something I may have heard about that I want to do, that you should do too! Either way, it will always be something for you to do and embrace and have the most fun with!

Oh, me? What do I like? I like all sorts of things. Great things. Not so great things. Cool things and uncool things and things I-don’t-care-what-anyone-else-thinks because I love these things; things. Like, hanging out in cafes with a warm beverage and watching the world go by. Hanging out in bars and being part of the world going by. Like, hanging out in my kitchen and baking all sorts of amazing combinations of flavours and colours and shapes. Hanging out in a friend’s kitchen with a pile of dirty dishes and a beverage in hand and incredible conversation and dancing around the house and laughing, lots of laughing. Hanging in the outside, enjoying the warm delicious sun in this little city of ours. Hanging out at cute little shops and boutiques and looking for new looks and old looks and new handbags, among other things. Like, hanging out in bookstores and record stores and discussing intellectual things and not so intellectual things. See? I like all sorts of things.

For example, I love the smell of old books and the best kind? Cookbooks. Recipes with stains on the pages where someone has been cooking madly for someone or something. I like to think whatever they were making turned out perfectly and they served it up on some beautiful plates and their guests “oohed” and “aahed” and everyone had a fabulous time, darling. Like, in the winter time, they would make something warm and eat it around a table with steam rising from their plates. One of my favourite things? Apple pie and hot custard. I have an awesome old school recipe for apple pie and custard. You could make it. Alternatively, you could buy an apple pie or an apricot pie or any kind of pie from a store and custard in a carton and heat them in the microwave and eat them at a table with people you like and steam rising from the plates with delicious beverages and giggles abound. Either option is fine, as long as you get to the beverages and giggles part. That’s this week’s task. Easy. Apple pie and custard and most importantly, beverages and giggles of your choice. Leave me a comment and let me know what happens or pop into the store and let everyone know what happens! Even better, bring some apple pie into the store! In case you are super keen, this is the vintage recipe I love:

Apple Pie


1 lb. cooking apples (that’s like 500 gram of apples, tinned are fine, I’m sure, maybe?)

2 cloves

2 oz. brown sugar (that’s like 50-ish grams)

Quarter pint water (oh, I don’t know, that’s like half a litre, or a bit less, really.)

8 oz. shortcrust pastry (so, ok, this vintage cooking thing is a little annoying, but that’s like 230 gram pastry, that you get from the supermarket, probably, maybe)

Peel the apples. Slice them into a pie dish and make the pie. (Not joking! That’s what my vintage cookbook says! Assuming you layer the apples and pour a mixture of water and brown sugar over the top, then place cloves randomly throughout, then put a pastry lid on it. Wow, they weren’t so good with the words back in the day, were they?)

Bake in a hot (really? Well, it helps if you turn the oven on, doesn’t it?) oven for 35 – 40 minutes until the fruit is cooked.


Cup Custard

Beat 2 egg yolks or 1 whole egg (well, which is it? I don’t know, try both) and ½ oz. (probably a teaspoonful, or more, if you love the sweetness) of sugar. Heat ½ pint (200ml) milk and when it is hot (not boiling) pour onto the egg, stirring. Strain mixture into a pan and stir constantly with a wooden spoon over a gentle heat until it thickens and coats back of a spoon. Flavour with vanilla and pour into a jug; stir occasionally while cooling.

Easy, yeah? Or easier – the supermarket. Up to you.

So, apple pie and custard. Aren’t you glad I reminded you of that? Dee-lish-us! Enjoy! Next week? Next week we’ll put on a warm scarf and a coloured coat and venture outside the house! Where to? You’ll have to wait and see!


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