Cosy coffee and a little Qwerkiness! June 13 2012, 0 Comments

The winter has set in and when the weather is cool, sometimes it’s easier to stay inside and hang out in your pj’s at home. Or you could be at work, the sun is not quite awake when you get there in the morning and almost set by the time you get home. Sometimes you can be studying and studying and studying (ok, maybe a little instagram and youtube in amongst the study) and you need to do something more interesting to update your facebook status, yes?

This week, you must find your most beautiful coat, a warm scarf and venture outside to a tiny little cosy spot. Escape your walls or work for a little while.

Imagine the things happening out there on the streets, the fashion you could be watching wander by, the gossip at the next table you could be listening to or the fabulous conversation you could be having with the barista, making you a delicious warm beverage on a cold, cold, day!

My venue of choice is set slightly away from the main hub of Wilston’s cafe strip on Kedron Brook Road, which seems an appropriate spot for a little, slightly offbeat cafe like Qwerk Espresso to be. Situated on the corner of York Street, the little building used to be a corner store; I remember being almost saddened when the tacky flashing lights and hot dog sign disappeared a little while ago now. I needn't have been worried; this adorable cafe is the perfect replacement, not even remotely tacky and all sorts of cute.

Upon entering Qwerk, one is greeted with posters plastered on the walls, comforting mismatched furniture and most importantly, a cheerful smile and welcome from the friendly faces behind the coffee machine. The menu is simple; toast, sandwiches, muffins and cakes, but don't let the simplicity fool you, the food is delicious. Dee-lish-us. My simple fruit and nut toast with ricotta and honey is the perfect snack for a cold winter’s day. The greatest part? The coffee is good. Very good. We all know that no amount of cuteness and quirkiness can mean anything without good coffee.

Sitting outside on the footpath, with a little toy ironing board or an old style school desk for a table and watching the world go by while sipping a warm beverage is one of the simplest pleasures on a cold, clear, Brisbane winter day. Some days you can be surrounded by business meetings and busy people picking up takeaways, some days it’s students avoiding the study inside, some days it’s bunches of people on their walk, or heading home from the gym, some days it’s friends chatting and giggling over numerous drinks and snacks. Your challenge this week? Whoever you are, escaping work or avoiding study or just hanging out, take your favourite winter coat and head outside for a warm beverage. Even if only for half hour or so, find a cosy spot and see what you can see as the world goes by. It could be sweet, it could be fabulous, it could be hilarious, any of these are better than your usual routine though, right? Leave a comment or better yet, pop into Ra Ra and let us know what or who you discover!