Even though it’s winter here in Brisbane, one of my favourite things in the world is just as good in summer as it is in the colder months. Amazing all year round, but especially comforting in winter. It’s even more amazing in combination with a warm beverage. It can be hot or cold, but I say hot is better. It can be sweet or savoury. It can be simple or totally fancy-pants and you know what? It’s totally the most. You still don’t know what it is? Its toast and what do we all know about toast? Toast is the most.

I enjoy toast at any time of the day. First thing in the morning, there’s nothing like a slice of toast with butter and vegemite and a hot, hot coffee for breakfast. Other days its peanut paste or peanut butter as some may say. When I’m needing a sweet day, the first thing I do on a cold morning is pop on some bread ready to spread with delicious plum jam, or raspberry jam, or lime and berry and ginger jam, or sometimes, on special occasions, a beautiful friend has made me a jar of their very own homemade marmalade, and there’s nothing like the taste of homemade preserves. Then there’s the more involved breakfast. Eggs. Eggs and tomato. Eggs and some form of meat, if you so choose. You know what comes with the eggs and their delicious accompaniments? Toast. Thick white toast. Wholemeal toast. There’s nothing like a multigrain blend cut into soldiers to dip into soft boiled eggs. Ooh, I have fond childhood memories of wanting to use my Mum’s special toast holder on the breakfast table, all the slices of toast standing up straight, just waiting to be buttered. How deliciously delicious. Let’s not even imagine breakfast without toast.

After breakfast, for those who like to participate in a snack mid-morning, you know what the greatest treat is? Fruit toast. Raisin toast. Toast with bits. Oh, how I look forward to the fruit toast break. Sometimes I get the standard thick slice fruit toast from my local café, sometimes I go somewhere further afield and even though there’s a hundred new things on their menu’s I’d love to try, I just can’t go past the fruit and nut toast. Now that is good.

Soon enough it’s lunch. Lunch toast? Think cheese toast, cheese toast fingers, cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches, toasted avocado and cheese or something more elaborate? Marinated vegetables and fetta and spinach leaves and chutney spread on toast. Toast of any kind. Turkish bread, panini, focaccia, bread rolls of all shapes and sizes, they’re all good toasted. I’d take any. As long as they’re toasted.

Dinner. Now there is nothing like coming home after a long day and preparing oneself a hot, hot slice of toast. That’s it. Yep. Just a spread, or two or all fancy like, lots of stuff piled up high, canned foods, vegetables, cheeses; all of the above. There’s nothing at all like the toast dinner. It’s all good. Just toast me, baby.

Midnight snack? Have you guessed what I might suggest? Hmmmm, some form of bread substance, warmed. Toasted. Sitting in the middle of the kitchen in the middle of the night with honey dripping off your slice of toast, hmmmm, fabulous. Sometimes with a banana. That’s some serious vitamins happening there. Bananas are natures super food, then combine them with nature’s most versatile (and probably most) delicious food. Wow, that’s a combination I can’t resist.

Gluten issues? Vegetarian? Vegan? No issue is too big for toast! There’s a raw toast variety out there somewhere waiting to be toasted! How flexible! Toast for everyone! So, what’s your favourite type of toast? Grilled? Toaster? Fireplace? Sweet or savoury? Elaborate or simple? I’d take any of the above lists. Favourite way to eat? Do you eat in triangles or squares? Do you eat it while in front of the TV, the computer, in bed? Where? how? This week’s challenge? Find your favourite bread and toast it. Anytime of the day or night. With any beverage. Just do it. You won’t regret it, then you know what you must do? Leave us a comment, or even better, pop into the store and tell us your favourite toast combination! Me? I’m off to pop the kettle on and toast some five seed and pumpkin bread. Now, what to put on it? Hmmmmm…….





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