It's instant love!

See, you probably already know. You’ve probably already complained about it a hundred times, or, alternatively, been so happy that you’ve had a chance to wear all those beautiful scarves and coats and boots and tights you normally only get to wear a couple of times a year, but you know what? It’s cold. You know what I love in the cold? Actually, let’s be honest, I love it all year through, but especially on a cold day. I love coffee. I adore coffee. I look forward to coffee. I try and figure out how many times I can fit coffee into my normal day without anyone noticing I have a slight addiction to coffee. I love all forms of coffee. All forms. I’m not a coffee snob. I’ll take it any which way you want to serve it to me. You know what I’m going to explore today though? Something that’s slightly off beat. Something serious coffee drinkers will be offended by. It’s something that is just not given enough recognition and I’m going to start the revolution right here. Let’s talk about instant coffee.

We all know there’s nothing greater than a beautiful smooth coffee made by a fabulously good looking barista in some cute café, but you know, sometimes we don’t have access to that cute café, do we?. This is where the amazingness of instant coffee needs to be celebrated. Instant coffee, listen! Stand up and be counted! You are beautiful too! There are so many ways you are beautiful! Let’s talk about a few.



















I love being stuck in a boring work meeting and getting to the tea room to find a giant tin or jar of the blandest generic coffee you can think of and I kind of secretly love it even more if the only receptacle available is a paper cup. I love dipping a weak plastic spoon into the tin and getting myself some tiny spoons of bitter coffee. I love it when there’s only the weirdest variety of milk available that you’d never have at home, but there’s something special about it when it’s breaking up an incredibly dull day. I love that. That’s the taste of freedom there.

I love going on long, long road trips and stopping at those little driver reviver stops. If you’re lucky, you find one that actually has some type of volunteer staff there and on good days they’ll pour you a little cup of instant coffee and give you a chocolate or a biscuit. Those are magical places, where your sore legs and heavy eyes from all that road can take a break and feel refreshed. On special days the staff will ask you where you’re headed to, or give you directions, or chat about the weather while you sip your terrible tasting beverage. I love that. That’s the taste of the open road.





















I've got to admit I love it when you surprise visit a friend who didn’t know you were coming and only has some instant in the cupboard. I love reaching to the back of the shelf and grabbing that little half empty bottle and laughing about how I wasn’t expected but what a lovely surprise and do you have a teaspoon somewhere? I love sitting in someone else’s kitchen and sipping that coffee out of some ugly coffee mug while chatting about this and that. I love that. That’s the taste of fun and giggles.

I love thinking about the first time I drank coffee. I don’t remember what age I was, but I do remember wanting to drink it for such a long time. I remember not understanding why I couldn’t have it and being told I could when I was a little older. I remember that first sip and being surprised and a little confused, but also intrigued. I’m not sure I loved it, but I knew it was something I could grow to like, because after all, that’s what all the grownups drink and who didn’t want to be a grown up when they were shorter? I loved that. That’s the taste of anticipation.


See, so many great things about something so simple. Instant coffee shouldn’t be ashamed. Stand tall instant! You’re important and lovely just the way you are! Barista’s everywhere are lovely too, but instant, there’s something, something just a little hidden and embarrassed and that’s what makes you uber cool! Instant, you’ll always have a special place in my heart, and my kitchen.




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