5 Reasons Why I Love Shopping Vintage

My first official Closet Confession! My name is Kaylah and I'm going to share with you my top 5 reasons why I love shopping vintage and other helpful things to remember when collecting unique retro finds.

1. Great all year round - It doesn't matter what's in season when shopping vintage. With the right accessories, it's easy to mix and match your favourite vintage finds no matter what is considered to be "in fashion," creating your own personal statement.

2. Pre-loved - Vintage clothes, oh the many stories they could tell. Knowing the item was pre-loved makes me wonder what sort of person owned it before me. Shopping for vintage is just another chapter waiting to be written.

3. Not quite the right fit? No problem! - It's no surprise that shopping vintage doesn't always mean you're going to find that perfect fit. For me It's usually a little on the large side in some areas. If you love the item enough, I find that adding a belt at the waist is often a good trick for a dress that may be a little too long or baggy.

4. Sweater Weather - I am a sucker for vintage sweaters. Good thing there always seems to be a lot of them around waiting to be found. The bigger the better I always say for a snug retro layered look.

5. Unique - Never will you have to worry about showing up in the same thing as somebody else. The chances are very slim that if you shop vintage somebody will own an identical item. If you are somebody like me who loves unusual things you probably appreciate having a one of a kind wardrobe filled with these unique treasures nobody else has.

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Photograph by Demi Cambridge

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