Ready for Summer with Ra Ra

I can't be the only one who is dying to shed the layers for up and coming summer trends! I am excited to say that I got the opportunity to share with you one of the amazing items from the Ra Ra Superstar's S/S 2012 collection which you can view here.

You have probably seen that the collection is overflowing with an exciting bunch of fresh colours and patterns that I believe will tie in nicely with trends that are slowly unfolding which are reminding me a lot of the 70's. Think big, think ruffles, think flares. My best bet is that these are the things that will be staples found in wardrobes everywhere this summer. Think the virgin suicides, who wouldn't want to channel this movie in your own way, I mean who could forget those timeless outfits, geometric patterns and clog sandals? Those of you who have seen the movie will know exactly the look I am on about. It's also a fabulous reason to check out what awesome vintage items Ra Ra has in store to complete your own 70's inspired look.

Don't forget! To celebrate the new season arrivals, Ra Ra are having a fashion parade to show off their super new and super exciting "Postcards from Parrot Jungle" collection. To view the event check it out here and I hope to see you there!


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