I love hats more than I love my boyfriend

Summer is upon us. The days are long and the nights are hot. She is a cruel beast and unless you are a sun loving, beach bumming, tanned honey, you might be dreading the coming summer onslaught. For all the pale ladies out there and especially if (like myself) you are a lady of the ginger sensibilities, I say do not fear. Summers past I have spent entire holidays cowering underneath umbrellas whilst the rest of the world frolicked about in a sun induced delirium. There is a solution!

The answer is simple. Now you can also frolic without having to carry an umbrella; at least not with your hands. You can buy an umbrella for your head. It’s called a hat and it will love you forever (unless it finds itself caught up in a whirlwind romance with a strong breeze and decides to run away into oncoming traffic). RIP my favourite maroon felt fedora.

Growing up I hated hats but I have recently found myself in a state of love panic about all and every hat I see. I have begun an intense limerence with the Hat. It wasn't until I stumbled upon the beauty of floppy, wide brim festival hats to shield oneself from the glaring sun, or the dripping sweat from fellow towering patrons, that I began to see their true beauty.

As such, Ra Ra stocks an amazing array of classic and modern takes on the summer hat! I want to grow an extra head so I can wear more then one of their hats at the same time. Or start a summer trend were multiple hats worn at once is chic and everyone wears swimming shirts and long pants to the beach. So vogue.


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