Yes we can all agree that Queen Elizabeth has to be one of the most iconic women in the world, but not all would agree this is because of her style. I beg to differ. An icon by definition is 'a person readily recognized as having some well known significance', and certainly the Queen fulfills that, but a fashion icon??Absolutely!

From a young age, Miss Elizabeth was stylish to her core staying understated and elegant for all occasions. As she became older & wiser, her style has matured to a right royal status (pardon the pun). Here are some of her Style Rules (a few tips the Kardashian family should take note of):

  • No garment transparent
  • No garment too tight or too short
  • Must be a British Designer
  • Must be culturally sensitive if on tour
  • Garments must adhere to all weather conditions ie on a windy day no leg showing!

The Queen once stated, 'I have to be seen to be believed'. Her small frame makes it hard for people to spot her in a crowd, so she insists on wearing bright colors. Hot pinks, bright blues, cool lavender - she practically invented color blocking!

Supermodel Aggie Deyn stated the Queen is her style icon, Dolce and Gabbana 2008 winter collection was inspired by her, and Kate Moss's hair went a shade grey and so the term 'granny chic' was coined in reference to her.

Now at 86 years old, the Queen's wardrobe must be one of the most covetable.. and she proves that age is not what determines style, rather age enhances one's style and elegance prevails thrown in with a hot fuchsia jacket!


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