Let's get excited about Moonrise Kingdom

I will try not to gush like a hormonal 14-year-old One Direction fan, but I am beyond excited about Wes Anderson's latest film offering - Moonrise Kingdom. The offbeat American writer/director has given the world such gems as The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited and Bottle Rocket and I can only hope Moonrise Kingdom is on the same page.

The film centres around two young lovers who decide to run away together from their New England hometown. A search party ensues. Wes Anderson writes beautifully flawed characters, lyrical scripts and meaningful story lines, but it's the visual aesthetics of his films that I think are truly spot on. The settings, the props and most of all the costumes! Moonrise Kingdom is set in the 60s so there is just so much to love about the wardrobe choices.

Young Kara Hayward as Suzy has a wardrobe to die for, filled with cute collars, capes and cuffs. Check out her amazing satchel.

The film isn't released in Australia until August 30 (boo!), but if you are already inspired by these gorgeous frocks, check out some similar pieces at our very own Ra Ra Superstar right this minute. Team them with some knee-high socks and maybe even a raccoon hat and you're on your way.

Here's Riley in our Faux Leopard hat $45, Ra Ra Collar Dress $95 and Leather Loafers $55. I can definitely see myself running away with my sweetheart in this little outfit. I would pack a picnic and head to an open field for a day of daisy chain making, kissing and eating cupcakes.

If I haven't sold you on Moonrise Kingdom (you crazy?) then maybe it's a lost cause, but did I mention it stars Bill Murray? You're welcome.

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