Rummagers, Unite!

The Suitcase Rummage is coming up this weekend and I have just realised while putting this blog post together, that I have not been to a market in over a year.


How could this be? I hear your cries of pain.
Where have I been? I see your disappointed faces.
What have I been doing? I see the look of forlorn in your eyes.

Well, I've obviously been living under a rock. No, actually, I've been living in a vampire cave in the form of working night shifts and turning an interesting shade of pale in the process.

Rummaging is not a privilege - it’s a right! – and this Sunday 1st July will see the monthly Suitcase Rummage firing up once again in Reddacliffe Place in the CBD. I have had every intention of poking about the mass of clothes, jewellery and bric-a-brac that litter the square like a mini minefield since I’ve moved back to Brisbane, but I just haven’t been able to lift myself out of bed and force open my eyes before 3pm.

Photo courtesy of the Suitcase Rummage Facebook page

Is anyone else in this predicament? Have you been missing out on your right to rummage due to your body’s need for sleep? Does the sunlight make your eyes burn? ARE YOU TOO TIRED TO RUMMAGE?

I want my Kommoner muffin! I want a pair of vintage shoes to fit my mini-sized feet! I want a cute little resin necklace! And I want a vintage handbag to add to my already expanding collection! And actually, I really want a suitcase.

So, this Sunday, I intend to rummage. I am going to rummage. I WILL rummage!

And I encourage all of YOU who also work into the wee hours of the morn, to take up the challenge and rummage on Sunday!

Who’s with me!?

Who: YOU! and ME!
When: This Sunday! 12pm – 5pm (come on people, that's plenty of time to sleep!)
Where: Reddacliffe Place – the square next to the casino at the top of Queen St Mall
Why: Because we are rummagers at heart, not vampires, and rummage we will! ­

Feel free to say hello and join me, fellow night-owls. I'll be there with big dark sunnies, clutching an XL coffee looking a little dishevelled (but very much elated).

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