Seek and you shall find..

Did you manage to find us at the Finders Keepers market on the weekend? Ra Ra Superstar were set up on Saturday and Sunday dressing up Brisbane’s beauties in gorgeous high waisted shorts, spotty red blouses and cute bow headbands! It was a busy busy two days but we hope you managed to stop by (and pop a guess into our Jelly Bean Jar competition)!

We also managed to have a bit of a squiz around the stalls and found some beautiful hand-crafted goodies. Jewellery, clothes, toys, paper, woolies, ceramics, gifts...!! This market had it all! Did you spot the intricately folded origami flowers? The cool self-turning clocks? The cute silver button cuff links? The vintage pressed paper? We did!

Above photos courtesy of Tracy Gray

It's almost impossible to browse Finders Keepers and leave empty handed - oh how I wanted to buy it all! In the end, I picked up a unique piece by Tasmanian designer, ‘My Mother Mabel’ who create wood and acrylic mixed jewellery in blacks, whites and all colours of the rainbow. It was love at first sight (and matched my outfit of the day perfectly) and I believe it could be love for you too! Just check out the pics below to quell that disbelief!


After an hour or two of intense browsing and buying, it was off to the grassy courtyard for a little garden food, caffeine perk and live music - the perfect spot to go over the day's (and future potential) purchases.

Above and below photos courtesy of Tracy Gray

Did you find the sneaky sneaky Frankie Fairy Floss machine? *wink wink*

So Fellow Finders! What did you find (and keep) on the day? What was your favourite? What did you miss? What did you wish you had picked up, taken home and loved to death? Let us know in the comments below!

A special shout out to the amazing Tracy Gray for her keen eye and for sharing her gorgeous snaps of the day (because sometimes, an iPhone and Instagram just doesn't cut it). I hope you rewarded yourself with some sneaky Fairy Floss!
Check out her blog for more magnificent imagery. 

Still hankering after more? The next FK won't be up until early November!

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