Which TV show has the best dressed cast?

Who watched the Downton Abbey season 2 final last weekend? I taped it and only got around to watching it yesterday, but my word it was wonderful. I am seriously jealous of Lady Mary's entire wardrobe and (spoiler alert) - I can't wait to see her wedding dress. It got me thinking about how many well-dressed television shows are currently gracing our screens and how retro is definitely having its moment.


Downton Abbey - Doesn't this picture make you long to have been born in a different era? I'm all for women's rights, feminism and equality for all people, but that doesn't mean I can't be romantic about garden parties, strolls in the estate grounds, tea in the library and dinner dances. I'm addicted to this beautiful show because of the attention to detail and costumes is just one part of that.

Mad Men - As well as being wonderfully written, well-paced and featuring the dapper Jon Hamm, Mad Men is really all about the women for me. Peggy, Betty and Joan have three very distinct looks and there isn't one episode that goes past where I don't covet at least two outfits. It's not just the clothes that make this show beautiful, it's the style. The way these clothes are worn, how they are accessorized and the attitude that goes with them. I definitely think vintage clothes in general have to be worn with a confident air - it makes passers-by stop and say 'wow, look at that fabulous woman'.

Gossip Girl - Serena and Blair may not be sporting cute vintage dresses, but they sure know how the wear the heck out of those designer pieces. The costume department on this show gives the audience an hour of pure escapism, as we watch the drama unfold for these impeccably dressed upper east siders.

Pan Am - I only caught a couple of episodes of this while on a flight, but can I just say, I'm hooked. I don't think it got picked up for a second season which is disappointing, because the outfits in this 60s flight attendant show are inspired. Aussie Margot Robbie has some particularly beautiful costumes in the flash backs to her unfulfilling domestic life.

That 70s Show - I still love watching reruns of this hilarious show. Costume-wise it's really all about Mila Kunis as valley girl Jackie and her cute 70s dresses, vests and jumpsuits.

What TV show past or present do you think has the best dressed cast?

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