How To: Get the Ra Ra Braid look with Tracie Weaver

We met up with our resident hair and make up guru Tracie Weaver recently to find out exactly how this talented lady created the Ra Ra braid look for our recent lookbook shoot. Here is a little step by step in case you want to try it at home.. looks tres easy.

Step One:
Prepare hair by doing a GHD curl, with curl going towards the centre of the body to give it a different look. Gently brush curl out to create nice waves.





















Step Two:
Part hair down the centre and divide hair into 2 even top sections. Start with one side first and create a neat plait. Tie the plait with a clear small elastic, leaving no overhang.

Roll the plait into itself and secure with bobby pins. Repeat the same on the other side. Make sure both sides look even. You can also try tying up your plait with a pretty ribbon for a variation on this look.


VOILA! You have a pretty new look for winter.

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