nail art is really fun! October 16 2012, 0 Comments

Wowza! The perfect nails for Melbourne Cup to match our fruity Summer Collection!

When I want something special for a night out, like Zooey, I believe pretty party nails is the way to go!! I recently discovered just how darn easy it is to create some different DIY designs. I may not have yet mastered vintage TV sets but Polka dots are so easy - all you need is coloured polish and a toothpick. You paint a base colour and then get dotting. Dip the flat end of the toothpick into the polish.

Then just dot away to your heart's content and apply a top coat to stop it all from chipping. Here's one I prepared earlier....

But why stop at polka dots? With Halloween coming up soon - what about scary monster nails? All you need is white, red and black nail polish and lots of imagination!

Candy Striper nails can be done free-hand or using medical tape and after that, it's up to you. What is your best nail art design?