Fall Arrivals May 03 2014, 0 Comments

The temperatures are beginning to drop ever so slightly as this year progresses so we can all finally start getting excited and pull out our winter wardrobes (or lack of) that barely get the light of day here in Queensland. For those of you living elsewhere and luckily experiencing a ‘real’ winter at least once a year, will simply never understand the climate struggle. Although it doesn’t quite get cold enough to truly classify as a winter we can still update our wardrobes by incorporate cute coats, sock and chunkier fabrics in cooler shades. Here at RaRa this change in season marks a new collection with wonderful new arrivals of appropriate attire to get you all through the next months. Browse through our change of season mood board and outfit inspirations to get you in the cool state of mind. Bring on the hot chocolates, spotty socks and layered looks.




Ideas Board

Transitioning the warm clothing to cool with fluffy pompom socks.


For those days spent exploring or snuggling up at home reading about others explorations. 


The perfect cape set any girl in her right mind should own!


Lots of Love RaRa xxx