Turn up the Heat September 16 2014, 0 Comments

The arrival of Australia's warmer months can mean a lot of different things for different people;
It means bidding a farewell to your cute winter coats, your thick denim jeans and most tragic for this writer, the [temporary] retirement of your favourite boots. (Lets face it, there is certainly nothing fun about above the ankle foot prisons when its forty degrees outside!)
But with all those farewells comes a big wave hello to all the fabulous things and activities that Spring and Summer bring with them. When it's warm outside, fun, bold prints, cut off shorts, sandcastles, picnics in the park, following strangers dogs so you can play with them and crashing your friend's pool rein supreme.
Here at Ra Ra we have all the stylish pieces (vintage and locally sewn!) that you'll need to look hot in the heat! Here are some of this writers favourite looks from our first shoot of spring.
Melanie sporting some of the store's vintage items and a quirky strawberry head band! Check out the store section of the Ra Ra website for more fun fruit themed accessories.
Melanie rocking Ra Ra's colourful locally sewn pin-up style fish print dress and store made pom pom headband and pearl trim heart sunglasses. All available in store!
So don't let the sweltering Australian heat get you down this Christmas season, enjoy the freedom of minimal layers while you can and don't forget to go and explore while the weather permits! There's nothing quite like a warm, sunning day for an adventure.
Model: Melanie @mel_justmel
Photographd by: Nari Sin @nrisin
Post Written by: Clair Emery @planet_hostile