Meet us at the Diner

Hey, you! Get ready for malt milkshakes and jukebox tunes, because diner days are back here at Ra Ra!

Dress yourself up in pastels, polkadots, pinstripes, button-up shirts, flowing dresses, retro shoes, and fabulous accessories, and we'll see you at the diner. 


Outfit One

Polkadot Polly

Polkadot Polly is for the kind of chick that pops into the diner on her way home from a cheesy flick.




Outfit Two

Sundae Sweetheart

This second little number is inspired by rollerskating waitresses, pinstriped uniforms, and sweet, sweet desserts. Notice how those boots are back again for more? *drools*




So which outfit's your pick? Are you more of a Polkadot Polly or a Sundae Sweetheart?

Big love, 
Ra Ra xx



Blog post and pictures by Renee (@scriptlantern,

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