How To : 4 Ways with a Silk Scarf September 17 2014, 0 Comments

In the 1960s, silk scarves were all the rage, darling. So in honor of times gone by, here's four different ways to style them:

1. Bow-Peep

If you're ever having a BHD (bad hair day), we've got you covered. 

To achieve this, lay your Ra Ra scarf out on a flat surface. From there fold in two diagonally opposite corners into the center. Repeat folding the outside edges in, until the scarf is about 3 cm wide. To finish, place it underneath your hair and secure it on top with a simple knot or bow.  

2. Neck on! 

Tone down the Air Hostess look with street-cool combos.

 Just repeat the same steps shown above for the classic neck-scarf à la Grace Kelly. 

3. Fruit Safari

Enjoy your travels - don't worry about your hair flying off without you!

The first two steps are all too familiar. Place the entire scarf on the back of your neck and bring the two corners into a bow at the crown of your head.. Next, take the corner at your neck and tuck in under that bow at the top. Bobby pins will make sure the turban-esque wrap stays in place all day.

4. Rock-a-belty

Add a splash of colour to emphasise the waist - easy peasy.


After rolling up the scarf thinly as shown, just lay one corner down and wrap over it. When you're almost out of fabric, twist the other end over through the belt to secure it. Safety pins will ensure a sturdy hold as always.

Hope to see you all rocking silk scarves this Spring! Every glorious item you see here is available in store right now. Which is your favorite look?

Peace & Love, Ra Ra
By Charlotte Bouchereau