Date Night Dress-Ups October 01 2014, 0 Comments

Before a date night, are you:

a) The kind of chick that makes a clothes angel in her floordrobe?

b) The kind of chick sitting in the foetal position while her dress is still going through the delicates cycle?


c) The kind of chick sitting at her computer, eyes glued to YouTube, face stuffed with Doritos *nacho cheese* and lollies *the Nerd variety*?  

No matter your answer, we think the anticipation before a fun night out with a significant other or a bunch of great friends is pretty special ... with only the slight side-effect of hairspray lungs.

Here at Ra Ra we had so many date night outfits to choose from, so we whittled the selection down to these three below!


First Option - Regal Rose

This outfit says, 'I'm fresh, comfy, and excited to see the city lights on the water'. Yep, its gorgeous floral theme, trusty cross-body bag, and pointed tan shoes say all that. Pretty neat, huh?


Second Option - 90s Night

90s nostalgia is back in a big way with this outfit. A night of singing Spice Girls' anthems and kissing your love under the milky twilight is sure to ensue. Please raise your hand if you loved all 90s music as well?


Third Option -  Vintage Floral

Nothing says classic like suede heels and a vintage patterned dress. And nothing says fabulous like teaming these with pom pom earrings and a gold-chained shoulder bag. 


Now which outfit will you rock on your next date night? Will you be a Regal Rose? Maybe a 90s Night? Or perhaps a Vintage Floral? Or maybe you'd like to wear all three ... at once ... *new trend alert*

Keep being awesome,
Love Ra Ra xx


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