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  ~ Become a Sustainable Superstar with Ra Ra ~

Quirky & eclectic fashion label Ra Ra Superstar is a little bit of happiness all rolled into one vintage printed dress.

Ra Ra aims to create fashion that is unique and affordable. 
From pretty party dresses in florals to sweet daywear in punchy brights, it's all made out of vintage or recycled fabric in an ethical way, meaning no sweat shops are involved.
Find us at the end of a hot pink lane way in Brisbane's Paddington, the perfect spot for a day out. 


Why Sustainable Fashion ?  

 Textile manufacturing is one of the worlds most polluting industries, partly due to the outdated manufacturing methods used to dye and finish fabric but also due to the toll, growing cotton and synthetic fibres, has on the environment. Increasingly, the proportion of garments being sold in Australia originate from China.

Pollution from the textile industry in China is immense. With production growth increasing annually, improvements do not seem likely. 

"Rivers fun red- or purple- or teal, depending on what colour is in season- with untreated toxic dyes washing off from mills" 

According to the National Labour Committee, some Chinese workers earn as little as 12-18 cents an hour while working in extremely poor conditions. With an increase and demand for "fast fashion"  at low prices, many are predicting that these wages and conditions will become even worse. 

Fashion takes a large toll on the environment. With cotton farming being the single largest water consumer and one of the largest toxic pesticide users in the apparel industry. 
While polyester and other synthetic fabrics are energy intensive and require large amounts of crude oil. This process releases volatile organic emissions into the environment. 


Why Recycle?

 Landfills impact not only air and water but also land quality. Methane gas, know for contributing to global warming, is produced from landfills while water traveling from or through these areas have the potential to become contaminated.  In 2007, Australia disposed of 21.3 million tonnes of waste into landfills. Approximately 4% of that waste is from unrecovered textiles. Even though 4% does not sound like a huge amount, when you do the math, it turns out that  approximately 8.54 million tonnes of textiles are being through away each year. 

 A UK study estimated that if every resident were to buy just one recycled woollen garment, the nation would save 371 million gallons of water. Enough fresh water for 2 million people for a year. 

The Ra Ra Process 

Sourcing the Material 

To help create clothes that don't harm the environment, Ra Ra uses recycled and vintage material for our garments. 

Material is sourced from:

Local designers 
Dead-stock (stock that has been over ordered or will be thrown out) 
Op-shops  or vintage warehouses 
(Photos of sewing ladies)


Inspiration is taken from vintage patterns while adding our own modern twist to them. 
Ra Ra creator, designs and cuts the garments. The local sewing ladies then bring these beautiful garments to life.
The clothes are then ironed and hung up on recyclable coat-hangers.  

Ra Ra aims to reuse everything available to them. Scraps of fabric are turned into scrunchies, collars or bows, while tiny scraps, that are too small to use, are often donated to a local kindergarten for arts and craft. 

95% of trims, zips and buttons have been recycled and saved from becoming just another tonne of landfill. 


~Come join the fashion revolution! Become a Sustainable Superstar with Ra Ra~   


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